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Why a ASUS Tinkerboard Plex Media Server Image from iiot?

  • Fast convenient setup without linux knowledge by simply writing a image to a MicroSD card.
  • Update Plex version straight from using a menu.
  • Setup your network (LAN or WiFi) without network knowledge using a menu.
  • Attach your storage devices without knowledge of Linux using a menu.
  • Install additional "plex unsupported" applications through a web interface.
  • Help and support.
  • Statistical interface to help you recognised what is popular and what is not in your media libraries.
  • Statistical interface to help you recognise potential Raspberry Pi performance issues.
  • Ease of remote access using teamviewer and web based shell access.

Image Zip file containing ASUS Tinkerboard compatible image with latest Linux Linaro operating system Includes pre-installed applications Plex Media Server, Plexpy, htop, shellinabox and a interactive master menu to easily setup up your network, attached storage, network shares and upgrade Plex Media Server version painlessly without losing your libraries. With the Wi-Fi headless configuration you can also connect your Tinkerboard on boot up to your Wi-Fi network (headless). Once purchased and downloaded the extracted image is then written to a MicroSD card and inserted into your ASUS Tinkerboard turning your ASUS Tinkerboard into an instant Plex Media Server with enhanced features and great configuration support features.

Worried about latest Plex Media Server version release?, not to worry, run the included menu for UNLIMITED upgrades DIRECTLY from, no third party Repositories or software needed!!!!. Yes, that means whatever version image you buy here has unlimited upgrades to the newest Plex Media Server version and any future upgrades releases direct from without breaking your libraries!!!!

What do you get?

***Please note the ASUS Tinkerboard image does not contain and film media and the images below are purely for demonstration purposes only.

Installation and setup video: ASUS Tinkerboard Plex Media Server.(Image download using your browser supported)

Also included: Advanced configuration Menu: ASUS Tinkerboard.

Headless Wi-Fi setup  (no need for xterm) connects your ASUS Tinkerboard automatically to the preferred Wi-Fi network by simply editing and existing file on the dos partition before inserting it into your ASUS Tinkerboard.

Plex Media Server optimised for ASUS Tinkerboard with pre-loaded transcoding tools.


Transcoding additional transcoding tools installed for supporting the higher resolution requirements.


Plexpy (pronounced Plex pie) is a statistical monitoring system written in python and designed specifically for Plex which displays nice graphs and statistics about your Plex Media Server which you may require for the following reasons;


WebTools is a collection of utilities to help with the management of your Plex Server. This plugin is not limited to the usual channel interface. Instead, it utilizes a built-in webserver to display a responsive web interface which also works on mobile devices, allowing you to manage your Plex Server from any device and install utilities as well as unsupported "Plex" channels from GitHub like coach potato etc.


Advanced configuration menu
The advanced configuration menu easily configures the ASUS Tinkerboard network and storage by simply selecting a option from the interactive network menu then answer basic configuration questions. After simple menu driven configuration a quick reboot provides the mounted drives or shares for access.
Main menu


See more sub menus...

Htop is an interactive system-monitor process-viewer. It is designed as an alternative to the Unix program top. It shows a frequently updated list of the processes running on the ASUS Tinkerboard, normally ordered by the amount of CPU usage. Htop is enabled by default and instructions include option to disable and remove the program if required.


Shellinabox is a web based terminal that uses Ajax technology to provide the look and feel of a native shell. Using this, as long as your device has a browser, you can remote shell access your ASUS Tinkerboard. (remote view of htop using shellinabox is pre-installed). As with Htop, Shellinabox is also enabled by default and instructions include option to disable and remove the program if required.


• Pre-installed 20170928-tinker-board-linaro-stretch-alip-v2.0.3
Pre-installed Plex Media Server (can be updated to future versions of plex directly from through the menu)
Pre-installed Plexpy system web based statistical PMS monitoring utilities.
Pre-installed WebUtils web utilities.
Pre-installed Htop and Shellinabox system monitoring and web based terminal utilities.
Enabled FTP service. provides simple ease of access to transfer media to and from the ASUS Tinkerboard.
• 23 page peasy start guide get you up and running in a matter of minutes.
Bonus tools downloads (if selected).

• Product Type- Zip File
• Download File Size - +- 1.3 Gb
• Plexpy  Version 1.4.25
• Compatibility- ASUS Tinkerboard
• Memory-SD - 8Gb or greater, recommend writing to class 10 or higher microSDHC UHS-I card (
not supplied).

Plex Version v1.10.1.4602-f54242b6b (Release date 13 December 2017)

Any Format

Support for all file types (well, virtually all), including hi-fi music and video formats.

Available Anywhere

Stream all of your media to all your devices, anytime, anywhere, with the same beautiful experience on all of them. (iOS, Android, and Windows apps require a one-time unlock fee for full playback if you do not have a Plex Pass.)

Collections New

Collections are a way to gather your media together. For example, you might add your Marvel movies to a Marvel collection, or zombie movies into a Zombies collection. Items can belong to multiple collections as well, for added flexibility.

Library Organization

Organize all of your media–videos, photos, and music–and make it beautiful with artwork and info like plot summaries, bios, and more.

Plex News New

Plex News has partnered with the most reputable and trustworthy news sources around the world to give you a comprehensive, personalizable news experience. Stay informed on all your devices, anywhere, anytime.

Privacy and Security

Enjoy your media while away from home, knowing your connection is securely encrypted.


Effortlessly share libraries among friends to all discover and enjoy even more content together.

Recommendations and Discovery

Enjoy beautifully organized libraries that help you find and re-discover great gems in your collection.

No Storage Limit

Store and stream as much as you have on your server or storage device, without sacrificing quality, security, or performance.

Online Channels

Get online content from various sources, like TED Talks, NPR, Spike, Comedy Central, and Soundcloud, right in Plex.

Remote Control

Use the Plex app on your phone or tablet to control any Plex player.


Cast content from your smartphone, tablet, or computer to your TV for large screen viewing via Chromecast.


Start content on one device and fling it to another app to continue enjoying it.

Media Optimizer

Create optimized versions of your media for seamless streaming on whichever device you choose.

Watch Later

Save online videos to watch later or recommend videos to a friend.
Tautulli Version
1.4.25 v1.4.25 (2017-10-02)

Fix: Tab instead of spaces preventing startup.

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