About Us

iIot packages variety of popular pre-built, home automation and hosting platform applications on Linux operating systems as downloadable Raspberry Pi images and virtual appliances. Almost each image or Virtual Appliance has an available DIY product eBook to empower consumers to either build their own copy of the relevant image or virtual appliance as well as additional enhancements. Learn and apply the Internet of things "IOT" in your own space and time.

iIot also manufactures and distributes IOT Small Board Controllers and develops a series of executable code products aimed predominantly at the SOHO (Small Office or Home Office) automation market.

iIot value add is that we provide eBooks, Hardware, Projects, Images, Solutions and Virtual Appliance products that are tested, easy to deploy or follow from novice to expert, non-disparate and functional.

The iIot Areas:

iIot believes that the consumer is the "i" in iIot and have strategically developed Products in a stream of System Images and D.I.Y documents to guide and grow separate base application practical know how. This is combined with IOT projects which combine the separate base learnings to deliver functional IOT projects which has both practical learning and application.

The Hardware provides real-world integration control by physically connecting analog and digital devices and by extension controls these devices such as appliances, garage doors, driveway gates, lights etc. The Solutions provide varying executable code that achieve commonly requested functionality such as measuring distance, speed, light, pressure and temperature and actioning real world controls based on the behavioral aspects of the executable code, which integrates seamlessly with the manufactured hardware to achieve things such as automated pool cleaning control, irrigation systems, water reservoir and control systems, solar panel control etc.

The possibilities are endless.

The iIot Eco System

The System Images, D.I.Y documents, IOT projects, Hardware and Solutions are all designed to be strategically integrated, each area fully documented with easily understandable presentation with the aim of both retaining client base whilst providing a roadmap for all consumers to learn and apply IOT in their space and time. As we walk down the path of innovation and providing value to you the consumer we welcome any constructive input, queries or suggestions Contact from you.

The iIot Team.