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Image Zip file containing Raspberry Pi 3 Model B compatible image with latest Raspbian operating system and Amazon Echo pre-installed.  Once purchased and downloaded, the unzipped image is then written to a MicroSD card and inserted into your Raspberry Pi, turning your Raspberry Pi into an instant voice activated Amazon Echo. Just add a powered speaker and Microphone! ...Hello Alexa!

Great and inexpensive if you don't want to spend hours loading and configuring an echo yourself or simply just want to try one out before considering investing in a commercial version. Direct discovery of local bridges (openHAB, Phillips Hue etc.) are not supported in the Raspberry Pi AVS version although skills on Amazon will make this possible and the commercial version does support direct discovery.

Simply select the version of Raspberry Pi Amazon Echo image you require from the AVAILABLE OPTIONS - Image section on this page before clicking Add to Cart. The latest or newest version that is available on offer is always marked as NEW. The product includes a easy to follow step-by-step setup guide suitable for novice and expert alike, which guides you from setup to chatting with Alexa.

We have bundled the Raspberry Pi Advanced Configuration Menu which is a menu driven easy setup utility for any network (Wi-Fi and LAN, WAN) and storage (USB, NAS and CIFS) configuration. By default the bundled products are visible under AVAILABLE OPTIONS - Bundled Products above.

Product Overview

The zip file contains a complete packaged Jessie Raspbian operating system with Amazon Echo, TeamViewer and VNC Server pre-installed. The quick start and setup guide explains how to create a Amazon account, register your Pi and download the zip file containing the pre-built image, unzip then write the packaged image to a MicroSD card. Customize your Raspberry Pi to your unique voice services account. The guide also covers how to install Amazon Echo on a Raspberry Pi (if you would like to try build your own from scratch), access and execute pre-built scripts to change configurations....and much more!

Video: Raspberry Pi Amazon Echo in action

• Pre-installed 2016-09-23 Raspbian Jessie with PIXEL desktop provides full desktop.
• Pre-installed Amazon Echo (Version Chosen during this Purchase.)
• Pre-installed TeamViewer and VNC Server remote management tools.
• 30 page pictorial and detailed quick start guide, eBook  Download and Setup guide for 20160923 Raspbian Jessie with PIXEL desktop and Amazon echo (Version Chosen during purchase), provides easy to understand concise instruction to get you up and running in a matter of minutes. 
• Bonus tools downloads (if selected).
Setup guide preview: (click here to open in a new window)

2016-09-23 Raspbian Jessie with PIXEL
• AVS Build Date - 18-December-2016 
• Product Type- Zip File
• File Size - +- 2Gb Raspbian Jessie with PIXEL unzips to 5.4Gb and then on first boot resizes to your MicroSD card size
• Compatibility- Raspberry Pi 3  Model B
• Memory-SD - 8Gb or greater, recommend writing to class 10 or higher microSDHC UHS-I card (not supplied).

Quick start and setup guide for 2016 09 23 Raspbian Jessie with PIXEL
• Product Type- PDF Document support for WINDOWS OS setup
• Page count - 30 pages
• Product Type- PDF Document
• File Size - (3 Mb)

Free bonus tools downloads with purchase
• WIN32DiskImager - Disk imaging application. (12Mb)
• FileZilla - FTP Client application. (6,4Mb)
• PuTTY - Telnet and SSH client application. (1,9Mb)
• HDD Low Level Format Tool. (2Mb)

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