Raspberry Pi NAS and ownCloud Server

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Image Zip file containing a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B  compatible image with latest Open Media Vault network attached storage (NAS), and ownCloud Server pre-installed. Once purchased and downloaded the extracted image is then written to a MicroSD card and inserted into your Raspberry Pi turning your Raspberry Pi into an instant Open Media Vault NAS and ownCloud Server.

Great and inexpensive if you don't want to spend time loading and configuring a NAS and ownCloud on a Raspberry Pi yourself. The Pi3 has sufficient processing power and memory to make a great little intermediate NAS and ownCloud server. No need to look any further, this image is all you need to get up and running, quickly!

Easy Windows and Mac setup instructions. Additional features, toolsets and specifications are detailed further below.


Free bundled Raspberry Pi ownCloud Server which is an additional bonus image with Raspbian Jessie Lite with OwnCloud Server pre-installed. By default the bundled products are visible under AVAILABLE OPTIONS - Bundled Products

Simply click Add to Cart to add the latest or newest Raspberry Pi NAS and ownCloud Server version with Free additional Raspberry Pi ownCloud Server image.

Product Overview

The zip file contain Raspbian operating system with Open Media Vault, ownCloud Server and custom configuration menu tool. The download and setup guide explains how to download, write the packaged image to the Raspberry Pi, identify the local network address thereafter connecting to the Open Media Vault server and ownCloud server via browser, IOS and Android devices. The guide also covers access and configuration of the pre-installed product features and toolsets. See features, toolsets and specifications further below for a more detailed description of what is included.

Product Video: Raspberry Pi NAS and ownCloud Server.

Download and setup guide for OMV and OCS(Complete manual): (click here to open in a new window)

Additional features and toolsets:

OpenMediaVault is the next generation network attached storage (NAS) solution based on Debian Linux. It contains services like SSH, (S)FTP, SMB/CIFS, DAAP media server, RSync, BitTorrent client and many more.

OwnCloud is free and open source software that operates as a very simple way to set up your own syncing, Dropbox-like cloud storage system on your own server or web site. It's robust enough that it has replaced Dropbox in all except a few choice cases.

Headless Wi-Fi setup  connects your Raspberry Pi 3 automatically to the preferred Wi-Fi network by simply editing and existing file on the dos partition before inserting it into your Raspberry Pi

Interactive menu content:

 A simple master, intuitive and interactive menu program is provided for a easy configuration of network and partition resizing. It is advised that storage, drives and shares be configured through the Open Media Vault interface. The user does not need knowledge of networking or Linux in order to configure all required settings as the master menu does this by asking a few simple questions and then writes the configuration changes to achieve the desired result. If you are interested in how this was done you merely need to read through the script to understand the changes that are being made.


OpenMediaVault 3.0.63 (Erasmus), ownCloud Server 9.1.4ce (Latest Versions chosen during purchase)
• Product Type- Zip File
• Download File Size - +- 679Mb extracts to 3.7Gb and then resizes the file system to fully utilize your MicroSD card.
• Compatibility- Raspberry Pi 3  Model B
• Memory-SD - 8Gb or greater, recommend writing to class 10 or higher microSDHC UHS-I card (not supplied).

Download and Setup Guide for OMV (Latest Version Chosen during purchase) and ownCloud (Latest Version Chosen during purchase).
• Product Type- PDF Document support for MAC OSX and WINDOWS OS setup
• Page count - 40 pages
• Product Type- PDF Document
• Download File Size - (3,6 Mb)

Free bonus tools download links with purchase
• WIN32DiskImager - Disk imaging application. (12Mb)
• FileZilla - FTP Client application. (6,4Mb)
• PuTTY - Telnet and SSH client application. (1,9Mb)
• HDD Low Level Format Tool. (2Mb)
• RPi-sd card builder (MAC OSX). (200Kb)

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