Raspberry Pi OpenHAB and MQTT Server

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Image zip file contains Raspberry Pi 3 Model B  compatible image with latest Raspbian operating system, pre-installed OpenHAB 2  and MQTT mosquito server. Once purchased and downloaded the extracted image is then written to a MicroSD card and inserted into your Raspberry Pi. This turns your Raspberry Pi  3 into an instant MQTT and OpenHAB 2 home automation server. The Pi3 has sufficient processing power and memory to make a great little home automation server. No need to look any further, this image is all you need to get up and running fast!

A extra image is included with a mate desktop pre-loaded, so if all you want is to connect to an existing wifi or LAN and use a graphical interface to configure the network then this additional image is for you.


Live Demo: Toggle the on/off buttons on the web page and view topic changes to topics /HA1/E00/000 to 007 on your mobile device.
Subscribe a mqtt app on your mobile device to our cloud broker service  kldtechnologies.co.za  port:1883 username: demouser password:demopass

Download and setup guide for OpenHAB and MQTT server (Complete eBook): (click here to open in a new window)
• Pre-installed  2017-03-02 Raspbian Jessie Lite for dedicated "headless" server
• Pre-installed  OpenHAB 2.1.0
• Pre-installed  OpenHAB addons 2.1.0 SNAPSHOT
• Pre-installed  OpenHAB addons legacy 2.1.0 SNAPSHOT
• Pre-installed additional FTP services
• Pre-installed IOT Project Sitemap, Items and Icons
• Pre-installed MQTT broker services
• Integration of Pre-installed packages
• 19 page Download and setup guide for OpenHAB and MQTT server gets you up and running quickly

Raspberry Pi OpenHAB and MQTT server (image)
• Product Type- Zip File
• File Size - (1,2Gb)
• Compatibility- Raspberry Pi3 Model B
• Memory-SD - 8Gb or greater, recommend writing to class 10 or higher MicroSD card (not supplied)

Download and setup guide for OpenHAB and MQTT server (eBook)
• Document - 19 Pages
• Product Type- PDF Document
• File Size - 2,2Mb

Free bonus tools download links with purchase
• WIN32DiskImager - Disk imaging application. (12Mb)
• FileZilla - FTP Client application. (6,4Mb)
• PuTTY - Telnet and SSH client application. (1,9Mb)
• HDD Low Level Format Tool (2Mb)
• MQTT spy topic monitoring tool (8Mb)

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