OpenHAB MQTT ESP8266-12E and Raspberry Pi

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Project OpenHAB2 MQTT ESP8266-12E and Raspberry Pi 3 with Arduino is a combination product project package which combines the following products;

How to setup ESP8266-12E for IOT with OpenHAB and MQTT using Arduino  and
How to install OpenHAB and MQTT  server on Raspberry Pi

Both products combined will take you through a scratch build of openHAB 2 and mosquitto MQTT broker services on a Raspberry Pi 3 then walk you through setting up, compiling your code and programming a ESP8266-12E using Arduino IDE to integrate wirelessly with mosquitto MQTT broker services and topics for logical switching control.


All tools, firmware, firmware programming tools, Integrated Development Environment tools, rapid prototyping board designs, ESP8266 and MQTT Arduino support libraries,  code and Arduino IDE sketches are included ensuring a successful build.

The learnings from this project package enable control of 8  Light Emitting Diodes through OpenHAB and/or  mosquitto broker service subscribed topics, using desktop computer browsers and Mobile devices Android and IOS etc. However if you want to take your project to the "next level" or real world you can develop your own supporting circuitry or purchase from our CE and ROHS certified line of GenSYS IOT series of products (coming soon) which can be programmed inline with your code and linked to your systems to achieve real control of devices such as appliances, motors, lights etc. the possibilities are limitless up to the specifications of the GenSYS IOT series of model hardware tolerance specifications.

Free bundled Raspberry Pi Advanced Configuration Menu which is a menu driven easy setup utility for any Raspberry Pi network (Wi-Fi and LAN, WAN) and storage (USB, NAS and CIFS) configuration.

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The video below demonstrates the endpoint of learning's provided in this project package.

Video: Project Overview - working endpoint example-new video here!

How to setup ESP8266-12E for IOT with OpenHAB and MQTT (First 6 Page Preview):  (click here to open in a new window)

How to install OpenHAB and MQTT server on Raspberry Pi (First 10 page preview): (click here to open in a new window)

• Installation of Arduino IDE and Libraries
• Installation of Serial UART drivers
• Installation of NodeMCU firmware programmer
• Compiling, verifying and writing program to ESP8266-12E
• Testing intergation with MQTT broker services
• Extended OpenHAB onfiguration
• All Project files provided includes Arduino IDE, Schematics, Code, PCB Designs, MQTT client, Arduino libraries, Firmware tools and UART drivers.
• 43 Page detailed eBook (english ony).
• Installation of 2017-03-02 Raspbian Jessie Pixel for non-dedicated "desktop" server AND Raspbian Jessie Lite for dedicated "headless" server.
• Installation of  OpenHAB 2.1.0
• Installation of  OpenHAB addons 2.1.0 SNAPSHOT
• Installation of  OpenHAB addons legacy 2.1.0 SNAPSHOT
• Installation of additional FTP services.
• Installation of IOT Project Sitemap, Items and Icons.
• Installation of MQTT broker services.
• Integration of installed packages.
• 34 page detailed "How to" guide, How to install OpenHAB and MQTT on Raspberry Pi  (english ony).

• Product Type- Project Package
• File Size - Excluding project files (6,0Mb)
• Compatibility- Adobe XI
• Required Hardware - Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 and ESP8266-12E (Not supplied) 

Free bonus tool download links and project files with purchase

• MQTT Spy- open source utility intended to help you with monitoring activity on MQTT topics. (1Mb)
• NodeMCU flasher. (10Mb)
• EagleCAD Schematics, PCB and MQTT Arduino sketch (2,0Mb)
• Arduino IDE 1.6.4 and ESP8266, MQTT support libraries (80,0Mb) 

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