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Bash script when run provides a menu used to easily configure the network and storage options on your ASUS Tinkerboard.

Product video: Configuring Wi-Fi access point, hotspot and setting up USB drives and network shares.

Product video: 5 Minute setup and installation of the menu.

Interactive menu content:

A simple master, intuitive and interactive menu program is provided for a easy configuration of network, storage, drives, shares. The user does not need knowledge of networking or Linux in order to configure all required settings as the master menu does this by asking a few simple questions and then writes the configuration changes to achieve the desired result.

Main menu options are listed below

  • Network Configuration - Configure Tinkerboard network.
  • Media Configuration - Configure Tinkerboard storage.
  • Exit - Exit this menu without rebooting.
  • Exit & Reboot - Exit and reboot your Tinkerboard.
  • About - About this configuration tool.
Network configuration sub menu  options are listed below.

  • Install Wireless AP - Setup Tinkerboard onboard Wi-Fi Access Point.
  • Install Wireless client - Connect Tinkerboard to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Set static LAN IP - Setup a static LAN IPv4 address (eth0)
  • Install DNS/DHCP Server - Setup Tinkerboard LAN as DNS and DHCP server.
  • IP Forward & Masquerade (Ethernet) - LAN --> LAN.
  • IP Forward & Masquerade (Wi-Fi) - LAN --> WLAN
  • Restore Network Config - Restores the original default Tinkerboard network configurations.
  • Exit - Return to main menu without rebooting.

The network menu configuration options easily configure the ASUS Tinkerboard as a access point server (Wireless AP ) or join your ASUS Tinkerboard to a existing Wi-Fi network (Wireless Client). Ease of setup for Wireless AP or Wireless Client is achieved by simply selecting a option from the interactive network menu. Wireless AP allows client devices and applications to connect directly to the ASUS Tinkerboard to consume streaming content. Wireless Client allows the ASUS Tinkerboard to connect to an existing wireless network where any clients on the existing wireless network can access the the Raspberry Pi to consume content. Wi-Fi configurations can work together or simultaneously with the LAN Ethernet adapter regardless of the LAN adapter configuration, by default the LAN interface is set to acquire a IPv4 address unless the Install DNS/DHCP Server or Set static LAN IP options are used. IP Forwarding and Masquerading can be used to configure your ASUS Tinkerboard as a internet enabled Wi-Fi access point where one of the network connections is internet facing. DNS and DHCP are automatically deployed in Wireless AP  option, however if you need your ASUS Tinkerboard to also be a standalone Ethernet connected server the Install DNS/DHCP Server can be selected.

 Media configuration sub menu  options are listed below.

  • USB Drives (NTFS) - Mount ntfs usb drives and make it persistent.
  • Shared Drives - Mount NAS, CIFS or Windows shares
  • Exit - Return to main menu without rebooting.

The media menu configuration options easily configure the ASUS Tinkerboard USB (two drives) or Share connected media. Simply plug in your USB drives and or complete the previous network connection configuration section so that you can reach network shares of NAS devices then select the option required and answer basic configuration questions. After simple menu driven configuration a quick reboot provides the mounted drives for access.


Advanced Configuration Menu Script
• Product Type- Bash Script (*.sh)
• Page count - 15 pages
• Download File Size - 24Kb
• Compatibility- ASUS Tinkerboard REV. 1.2
• Compatibility OS- 20170703-tinker-board-linaro-stretch-alip-v2.0.3

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