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Bash script when run provides a menu used to easily configure the network and storage options on your raspberry Pi 3 Model B. Once downloaded the free script can be pasted into a terminal session enabling you to configure your Raspberry Pi in any combination of network and storage configuration desired. One of the configurations demonstrated is using the advanced menu to turn your raspberry Pi 3 Model B into a WiFi access and hot spot.

For all customers existing and new with or without any previous products, or customers who do not want to register with us you can install this menu running the code further down on this product page in a terminal, remote shell or console as pi user.

Alternatively simply click add to cart and use our FREE checkout then download the FREE script from our customer login section. To add a optional popular Raspberry Pi server image simply select the optional additional server image you require from the AVAILABLE OPTIONS - Server Images dropdown section on this page before clicking Add to Cart. The latest or newest versions are always on offer.

The menu has had some bug fixes and been improved to include statically setting LAN IPv4 address option and now includes Plex Media Server upgrade capability, for those of you who previously purchased this product using FREE checkout please visit your account downloads and re-download the script file.

Product video: Configuring Wi-Fi access point, hotspot and setting up USB drives and network shares.

Interactive menu content:

A simple master, intuitive and interactive menu program is provided for a easy configuration of network, storage, drives, shares, web tools for Plex and the main menu bundled with Raspberry Pi  Plex Media Server includes utility for Plex media server version upgrades ( without breaking existing libraries or settings ). The user does not need knowledge of networking or Linux in order to configure all required settings as the master menu does this by asking a few simple questions and then writes the configuration changes to achieve the desired result. If you are interested in how this was done you merely need to read through the script to understand the changes that are being made.


Alternatively install the menu by doing the following:

login as pi update apt cache and Install dependencies

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -t jessie curl wget raspi-config -yqq --force-yes

For deployment with existing main-menu first remove existing menu
sudo rm -rf /root/main-menu
sudo rm -rf /home/pi/main.menu
sudo rm -rf /etc/main_menu.sh
sudo rm -rf ln /etc/main_menu.sh /root/main-menu
sudo rm -rf ln /etc/main_menu.sh /home/pi/main-menu

Download the latest script, make it executable and create a symbolic link to it
sudo curl -o /etc/main_menu.sh --progress-bar http://iiot.co.za/downloads/main_menu.sh
sudo chmod +x /etc/main_menu.sh
Create symbolic link
sudo ln /etc/main_menu.sh /home/pi/main-menu

Run the menu
sudo /home/pi/main-menu


Advanced Configuration Menu Script
• Product Type- Bash Script (*.sh)
• Page count - 15 pages
• Download File Size - 23Kb
• Compatibility- Raspberry Pi 3  Model B
• Compatibility OS- Raspbian Jessie xx

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