Enhanced Customer Portal

iIot provides basic support for all products purchased through the website. The enhanced customer portal is used by customers to easily create and track user request and incident tickets. The portal provides simplified interface to manage such tickets. Should you wish to get a login to this helpdesk please send an email to, once you recieve your login credentials then read the instructions below then Click Here to go to the support portal.

Connecting to iIot enhanced customer support portal

Access the portal by clicking the link above or by manually entering the following uniform resource locator address into your internet browser URL:

Log in screen

The first screen displayed by iioT is the login screen, Welcome to iIot. Each iIot customer must be identified before accessing the application. Login credentials are supplied by email following each new registration and purchase so please be sure to use valid details when initially registering with this store.
Enter your User Name and Password given by your administrator, and click on Enter iIot.

Home page

The user interface of the portal is designed to automatically adjust its presentation depending on the size of the screen. Therefore the content and disposition of the various elements may vary depending on the device used to connect to the portal. However all the features of the portal are available on all screen sizes. For example, on a typical laptop, with a relatively large screen, the home page of the portal is the following:

On a smaller screen, for example on a mobile phone, the home page displays as shown below:


Creating a new request

To create a new request, either click on the “New Request” menu on the left of the page, or click on the big new request tile in the home page. You will then be prompted to select a service and a service category from the list:


Then click on the new request icon at the right of the line corresponding to the desired item in the list:


A form is then displayed as a modal dialog. Fill the form and click “Submit” to submit your request. You can attach documents to the request by either dragging or dropping them in the form, or by using the “Browse…” button in the “Attachments” section of the form.


When you submit your request, the display goes back to the list of open requests, with your new request at the top of the list.

Updating an existing request

When a request is not closed, it can still be updated. Using the portal, you can: Add a new entry to the journal of the request, to further explain your need or to answer a question from the support team.

• Attach new documents to the ticket.

• Re-open a "resolved" request (if you are not satisfied with the resolution).

To update an existing request, first locate this request by clicking on the “Ongoing requests” menu.

Once you have located the request to edit, click on its reference (“I-000xxx”) to open its details:

The form displayed let you edit the journal and add/remove attachments. When done, use the “Submit” button at the bottom (or the “Check Mark” button on the right) to submit your update.

Changing your profile

Customers can edit their profile information from the portal, via the menu named “My Profile”.

Disconnecting from the portal

To disconnect from the portal, use the “Logoff” menu: