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Virtual Appliance OpenHAB2 and MQTT Linux Server is a ready built VMware Virtual Appliance with Openhab2 and mosquitto plus additional features installed on either Centos, Debian or Ubuntu. Once downloaded the unzipped the OVA (Open Virtual Appliance) is imported into VMware EXSXi or VMware Player building a ready made Virtual machine with MQ Telemetry and OpenHAB2 home automation server.


Live: OpenHAB 2 on Linux with MQTT console demonstration
Connect your MQTT client on your computer or mobile device to on port 1883, username: demouser password:demopass, subscribe to topic HA1/E00/002 then click the ESP826612E_00_GPIO2 button below and watch the data entries on your MQTT client change ON / OFF as you toggle the button.
Then you can publish ON or OFF to the topic HA1/E00/002 using your mobile or computer MQTT client and watch the ESP826612E_00_GPIO2 button change state to ON / OFF as you publish data to the topic.
Buttons ESP826612E_00_GPIO0 to ESP826612E_00_GPIO7 are topics HA1/E00/000 to HA1/E00/007 respectively.

Download and setup guide for OpenHAB and MQTT on Linux (click here to open in a new window)
• Choice of Linux operating systems Centos  / Debian / Ubuntu x64 Server (depending on checkout selection).
• pre-installed MQTT mosquitto v3.1.1 broker service (server).
• pre-installed OpenHAB 2 (stable)
• pre-installed iIot project sitemaps, items and icons for projects enabled compatibility (see Projects section).
• pre-installed Shellinabox, htop, custom boot messaging, root crontab and SSH logos.
• pre-installed by 3 page detailed script automated installation.
• pre-installed and on Centos 7.1611is a 21 page FTP Download and setup guide for OpenHAB and MQTT on Centos 7.1611 eBook.
• pre-installed and on Debian 8.7.1 is a 21 page FTP Download and setup guide for OpenHAB and MQTT on Debian 8.7.1 eBook.
• pre-installed and on Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS is a 21 page FTP Download and setup guide for OpenHAB and MQTT on Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS  eBook.

OpenHAB 2 on Linux OS (Centos / Debian / Ubuntu option chosen) 
• Product Type- Zip File containing OVA Virtual Machine Version 11 (VMware 6.0) and higher
• File Download Size - CENTOS 1 GB /Debian 1,7 GB / Ubuntu 2,1 GB  (Linux option chosen Centos / Debian / Ubuntu)
• Compatibility- VMware 6.0 or higher
• Virtual appliance installation size - RAM 2048MB, CPU 1, HDD 20GB (Please change after deployment)

Open Virtual Appliance import summary

Virtual Machine Version


Guest OS

:Centos 7.1611 / Debian 8.7.1 / Ubuntu 16.04.2

Openhab2 (Stable)




Virtual Disk Size

:20Gb (Expandable PV & LV & VG)




:2048 MB

Additional packages and features

- Shell in a box

- htop

- motd

- console information


- Openhab2 - Mosquitto

- IOT Project - Openhab2

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