How to install OpenHAB on linux with MQTT Server

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eBook How to install Openhab2 on Linux with MQTT server is a easy to follow systematic DIY guide on how to build a VMware Virtual Appliance or bare metal server with Openhab2 and mosquitto plus additional features installed on either Centos, Debian or Ubuntu. Once followed the eBook builds a Virtual machine or Bare Metal Server  into a MQ Telemetry enabled multi tenanted OpenHAB2 home automation server.


Live: OpenHAB 2 on Linux with MQTT console demonstration
Connect your MQTT client on your computer or mobile device to on port 1883, username: demouser password:demopass, subscribe to topic HA1/E00/002 then click the ESP826612E_00_GPIO2 button below and watch the data entries on your MQTT client change ON / OFF as you toggle the button.
Then you can publish ON or OFF to the topic HA1/E00/002 using your mobile or computer MQTT client and watch the ESP826612E_00_GPIO2 button change state to ON / OFF as you publish data to the topic.
Buttons ESP826612E_00_GPIO0 to ESP826612E_00_GPIO7 are topics HA1/E00/000 to HA1/E00/007 respectively.

How to install OpenHAB and MQTT on Centos 7.1611 (First 5 Page Preview):  (click here to open in a new window)
How to install OpenHAB and MQTT on Debian 8.7.1 (First 5 Page Preview):  (click here to open in a new window)
How to install OpenHAB and MQTT on Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS (First 5 Page Preview):  (click here to open in a new window)
• Choice of Linux operating systems Centos  / Debian / Ubuntu x64 Server (depending on checkout selection).
• Installation of MQTT mosquitto v3.1.1 broker service (server).
• Installation of OpenHAB 2 (stable)
• Installation of iIot project sitemaps, items and icons for projects enabled compatibility (see Projects section).
• Installation of Shellinabox, htop, MOTD custom boot messaging, root crontab and SSH logos.
• Installation by 3 page detailed script automates installation.
• Installation of and on Centos 7.1611 is a 44 page eBook.
• Installation of and on Debian 8.7.1 is a 50 page eBook.
• Installation of and on Ubuntu 16.04.2 is a 51 page eBook.

• Product Type- PDF Document
• Centos version eBook File Size - 4,6 MB
• Debian version eBook File Size - 4,6 MB
• Ubuntu version eBook File Size - 4,7 MB
• Compatibility- Adobe XI 

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