How to install Sentora and MQTT on Raspberry Pi

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eBook How to install Sentora 1.0.3 and MQTT on Raspberry Pi is a 18 page eBook containing detailed easy to follow step by step DIY guide on how to build a Sentora 1.0.3 web-based hosting control panel server as well as MQ Telemetry Transport (MQTT) (mosquitto) on a Raspberry Pi. Sentora is a multi tenanted open source web hosting control panel that runs on top of LAMP Linux, Apache, MySQL (or Maria DB) and PHP easily allowing you to deploy websites and backend databases plus manage the local databases, domain server, mail server, ftp server, reseller platforms and more. MQ Telemetry Transport is a publish/subscribe, extremely simple and lightweight messaging protocol, designed for constrained devices and low-bandwidth, high-latency or unreliable networks. Once followed the eBook builds a Raspberry Pi into a MQ Telemetry enabled multi tenanted web hosting platform server.

Hello OpenCart, Joomla, WordPress or any LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL and PHP) hosting right on your very own Raspberry Pi, like your very own mini AWS Web hosting or development platform!

To test our MQTT platform Subscribe a mqtt app on your mobile device to our cloud broker service  port:1883

Sentora control panel demonstration (username: demo password: admindemo ) Click here for fullscreen

How to install Sentora and MQTT on Raspberry Pi: (First 10 pages preview only)  (click here to open in a bigger window)

• Installation of 2017-03-02 Raspbian Jessie Lite provides a minimal "headless" footprint.
• Installation of LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP).
• Installation of Mail Services and Client (Postfix, Dovecot and RoundCube).
• Installation of Sentora 1.0.3 plus themes, provides the latest version of Sentora web-based hosting control panel.
• Installation of MQTT mosquitto v3.1.1 broker service.
• Bonus tools downloads links included.
• 18 Pages Installation eBook

• Product Type- PDF Document
• File Size - (1,4 Mb)
• Compatibility- Adobe XI

Free bonus tools downloads links with purchase
• WIN32DiskImager - Disk imaging application. (12Mb)
• FileZilla - FTP Client application. (6,4Mb)
• PuTTY - Telnet and SSH client application. (1,9Mb)
• HDD Low Level Format Tool. (2Mb)
• RPi-sd card builder (MAC OSX). (200Kb)

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